Preparing Your Space

To begin your refinishing project, we have a few needs regarding the condition and preparation of the space.

What We Need

  • Interior temperature between 70° and 85°, which means heat in the winter or A/C in the summer.
  • Electricity must be turned on and accessible in work space.
  • There must be a window 40 feet or closer for ventilation.
  • We cannot refinish with other construction being done that involves a lot of dust.

More Information

All areas used in and around the bathroom are protected with drop cloths. Refinishing your tub includes replacing old caulking, cleaning all surfaces, conditioning, and sanding. The tub and surrounding fixtures and tile are then resealed for protection and easy cleaning.

You may even have a hole in your fiberglass tub. Whether you’re dealing with a chip or crack, our technician with more than 25 years experience can patch or replace the damaged section for a lot less than the cost of a new tub. Please see Other Services for more details.

Paper is left up around tubs and showers that have been refinished for homeowner to take down 24 hours after completion.

Warranty has directions on how to clean newly refinished surfaces. You can use any non-abrasive cleaner such as Dawn dish liquid, liquid Spic n’ Span. Never use bleach or ammonia on any refinished surface or new surface.